Colette Robicheau is a speaker, author and coach who helps individuals improve their daily lives through improved practices, strategies and skills. She helps individuals manage their time, set priorities, and stay focused so they can achieve their goals, grow their business, and be more successful –all without compromising their quality of life.

She has professionally coached and presented to entrepreneurs, educators and executives to improve their skills, increase their productivity and how to do the things that are most important to them in life.

Colette’s work as a successful sales executive and later as an independent marketing consultant led her to increased study in the areas of coaching and productivity. Often clients were stuck, looking for a sounding board and a safe environment to help them set priorities that were based on their whole person. Clients originally sought her coaching services in the areas of business development, networking and sales and now she coaches clients from diverse sectors and all walks of life.

She is passionate about seeing her clients succeed. When Colette is not working with clients she is busy with her own passion - travel.