Negotiating Know How

Whether you are buying a car, a home, or just getting your kids to do     something, negotiating is part of our daily lives. In the workplace, asking for a raise, requesting a change of assignment or general communications with   clients, colleagues and suppliers require you to have advanced negotiating skills if you want to be successful.

Negotiations, if done well, lets both sides feel like they have won. If done poorly people feel taken advantage of, beaten up and the relationship can be scorched and soured. Sometimes this causes irreparable harm to future    business activity. You may think you have won negotiations now, but you may only be fooling yourself in the short term.

The flip side of this is that you left more on the table than you had to and you may not even know it. You did not have the skills to aptly negotiate your fair side of the deal. Multiply this scenario through a business year and the    revenue losses can be staggering.

Negotiations may not be a favorite task for managers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. But you cannot survive and grow your business   without negotiating skills.

This seminar will give an easy and practical approach to negotiation. You will feel more confident knowing you have negotiated the best deal possible.
Plan for purpose- know what outcomes you want and what you are ready to settle for
Learn about your own communication style and you will be able to more readily make adjustments to create the persuasive atmosphere required to reach your goals
Discover tactics to find out what your counterparts really want  – not just what they say they want
Side steps, tricks and tactics to focus on the desired results
Put time and space on your side- the differences of phone versus in person negotiations

Negotiating is a work and life skill that can be learned.

Enjoy negotiating more with the advanced knowledge you will get from the Negotiating Know How seminar.