Marketing Savvy 101: Tactical and Practical Low-Cost Solutions

Today’s environment is marketing mayhem.  Businesses, especially small business and solo entrepreneurs, are overwhelmed when trying to market their products and services.  There are enormous amounts of opportunities out there to choose from but many can be time, energy and monetarily costly.

In today’s fast paced and high tech age what is often forgotten are some marketing basics. Companies are paying a high price on one end only to be ignoring or not taking the time to provide some easy, basic, low cost marketing tactics. You can deliver marketing objectives without costing you an arm and a leg.

Reach out to new customers in ways that generate profits without breaking the bank.

Better define your business, understand your brand and focus.
Make customers connect faster and feel more confident in you.
Know your target customers and where and how to reach them.
Define who you are and why clients should choose your company.
Understand the power of customer loyalty.

You will leave with action steps to get started right away.